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The Opening Act: The Strive

The Strive Interview

The headliner is the main event, that much is understood but it does not mean that the opening act has to go unnoticed… right? This got us thinking, what could we do to help shine some light on our fantastic opening bands? Well… we decided to get to know them on a more personal level and sat down for a quick interview with The Strive’s percussion specialist Nick. Here’s what went down…

The Strive:

Q: So Nick, where did the band name “The Strive” come from?

A: “We’ve always had a period of time where we can’t decide on a name whether it be a song or in this case the band name, we figured out quickly that it was a natural trait of the band. We starting incorporating I Strive, a modo that stood to encourage people to “Strive” towards success. From there, the name essentially stuck.

Q: How did the band form (crazy luck, painstaking auditions?)

A: Multimedia “was really the only reason we ended up together.” “I got a Facebook message from Luke (guitar) who had covers out on youtube and other platforms as did I and collaboration ensued. After we started working together, we found that we had great writing chemistry. We met Brandon (vocalist) and he started writing the lyrical parts and the rest is history.

Q: Where was your first show?

A: Our first show was at Main Street Café in Downtown Kansas City. We pulled around a hundred or so kids… like most first shows, it was a total disaster.

Q: Since the “disaster” first show, what has been you favorite show played to date?

A: Currently I would have to say “Red White and Boom” presented by Mix 93.3. We played at the Starlight theater with mainstream names like Gavin Degraw and Colbie Caillat. After the show we were taking pictures with tons of fans we had never met. It was the best fan reception we had ever had. We are opening for Cartel who has been a huge influence on us as a band at the Bottleneck in Lawrence on June 14th. After that goes down, it will take the thrown as our favorite gig.

Q: Getting a little bit on the strange side here, If you could describe your band members as a type of alcoholic beverage what would they be?

A: Brendan [Stevens] would be a cold 40oz bottle of Coors Light, that guy can just straight up slam beers which is crazy because he’s such a small guy.

Michael [Zenk] would be Captain Morgan straight out of the bottle. He’s no alcoholic or anything though.

Luke [Davis] Gin and tonic.

Greg [Dowd] any cheap beer, yeah any cheap beer.

Me [Nick Stacy] I don’t really drink all that much but probably a Sex on The Beach. Something fruity like that.

Q: Any must have munchie items while you’re on the road?

A: Probably some form of Chex Mix. You need something that will distract you from the clock and watching the time. Food’s a pretty good way to do that.

Q: We have to ask, any crazy fan stories?

A: Haha, oh man. So we were following Cartel for a week building the connection and promote interaction via twitter and stuff. We were in Milwaukee hanging with New Found Glory and these 2 wasted girls who were, well on the lower end of the attractiveness scale, would not leave us alone. We were starving and the girls asked us to go to this local place and get pizza, so we said what the heck and tagged along. The girls bought a massive like $30 pizza which could have fed a small crowd. The pizza was in the car with us and we were I guess suppose to follow the girls back to where ever they were staying (they probably shouldn’t have been driving now that I think about it). We decided that we weren’t going to tag along and peeled out with the pizza towards the hotel.

Q: There are quite a few covers on your youtube page, any new covers you are working on or are wanting to do?

A: We are in the process of shooting the video for our new EP so as far as covers go we don’t really have much planned. We are however working on a cover for Friday night (Friday Night Live!) that the crowd will love. Should get ’em going.

Q: Planning on sticking around after your show and hanging out?

A: Absolutely! We will be hanging out for sure! You’ll probably catch us drinking a few Green Room beers or at the Dubliner or something.

Well there you have it folks. A little glimpse into the life and times of The Strive. Nick, you’re awesome man thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Seriously though guys, come check these guys out at Friday Night Live! Presented by Coors Light this Friday May 31st as they open for EVE 6 it’s going to be an awesome show. These guys are about to blow up huge and you are not going to want to miss this show.