#WorldCup USA game 1

Monday marked the beginning of USA’s journey for the World Cup. Attendance  for the Sporting Kansas City watch party was record breaking with more than 5,000 fans cheering on team USA in a sea of red, white and blue!

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Seconds after kick-off, Clint Dempsey scored the first goal for team USA, setting off the first confetti canons, filling KC Live! with blue confetti. The energy in KC Live! was unreal!

The energy inside KC Live! grew as the game continued. Tensions were high after Ghana’s first goal.  Finally (after what seemed like the longest 4 minutes ever) John Brooks scored putting team USA ahead 2-1 and the crowd went wild!


(Photo credit: Daniel R Welch)

The game ended with a victory for team USA! The party continued hours after the win – It was a proud day to be an American!

Don’t miss the next US Watch Party with Sporting KC on Sunday, June 22nd in KC Live! (Let’s hope the game is as much fun as Monday’s was!)






As we are running around the office, decorating the Live! Block and getting ready for the game tonight we can’t help but contain our excitement for team USA! The American flag banners are flying and the block is full of red, white and blue. The Live! Block is filling up fast! Let the night begin. #WorldCup #JoinIn


#HCNKC Chris Cagle

Last night we had our second Miller Lite Hot Country Night concert presented by Q104 with Chris Cagle. Not only did we have Whiskey Myers and Chris Cagle in the Kansas City Live Block! we also had The Republican National Committee! Kansas City is in the running to host the GOP Convention in 2016. How cool is that? They had a private party at Mosaic while enjoying our Hot Country Night with Chris Cagle. We can only hope to see them in the near future.

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Meanwhile, the show opened up with Whiskey Myers. As the crowd started to pile in he played some really great songs to get the crowd ready for the night.

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Next up, Chris Cagle. Chris did a meet and greet before he started his performance for a few of his lucky fans.


Once all the pictures, hugs and jokes were over he was on stage singing his heart out. He stopped to give Kansas City a big thank you and even got a little choked up.

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He played for awhile and got the crowd singing the whole night.


The Naked and Famous #FNLKC

The Coors Light Friday Night Live! concert series presented by Buzz 96.5 is up and running! The show started with Strange Babes, followed by White Sea and  finished with The Naked and Famous. KC Live Block! was packed tight and very lively. Strange Babes began the show and sang many songs including “Maybe One Day.

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Next up was White Sea. The band performed the song “They Don’t Know” and many more. Before the show even started people were singing, dancing, and chanting.

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Finally, it was time for The Naked and Famous. They played a great show (as always). One of their last songs they played was “Girls Like You.” Also, the band sang hit songs, “Young Blood” and “Hearts Like Ours.” Alisa Xayalith, lead singer, has some great talent that kept the party going all night. The crowd sang along the whole time.


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